we'll only reach our goal

 by flying together 

We're so appreciative of your support and efforts to help us get more pets in forever homes.


start an online fundraiser 

You can help us fly by starting a fundraiser from the comfort of your own social media!


transport pets from homeless

to hopeful 


Below are some suggested ways to get started. Be creative, and be yourself! Your genuine care for pets will motivate others to contribute and join the movement.

POST ON your INSTAGRAM & Facebook

1. Select from an image and caption below, or make your own!

2. Add a Donate button to your post and select Pet Rescue Pilots -OR- Copy and paste this donation link in your bio or your caption on Facebook: 

Donate to Pet Rescue Pilots at https://bit.ly/2EQhTfK

3. Hashtag #PetRescuePilots and tag @PetRescuePilots so we can cheer you on!

4. Post! Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the likes, knowing that all the money raised through your donation link goes straight to our PRP fund, boosting the number of flights we make and pets we save.


I'm fundraising to land more pets in forever homes! Soaring on the wings of your generosity, #PetRescuePilots flies pets out of shelters and into the arms of rescue groups and adoptive families. 

Donate to @PetRescuePilots at https://bit.ly/2EQhTfK

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