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Speaker, pet welfare activist, corporate manager, and member of his local government, Julian Javor formed Pet Rescue Pilots out of the belief that every pet should have the chance to know a loving forever home.


Julian began flying rescue pets in 2017 after receiving his Commercial Pilot’s License. Since then, he regularly spends his weekends flying up and down the Western United States – from Southern California to Washington, and even into the Western provinces of Canada – proudly delivering pets into the arms of rescue groups, fosters, and forever families.


Julian has always enjoyed serving the community and giving to those in need. He puts his musical talents to use playing piano every Tuesday afternoon for his local chapter of Music Mends Minds. In addition, Julian has previously served on two non-profit boards, and currently serves on his local government’s Recreation & Parks Commission. He graduated from University of Southern California with a degree in Business Administration and Jazz Studies and a Master's Degree in Taxation.


The two major constants in Julian's life have been a love of flying, and an irresistible impulse to pet every dog he sees. Pet Rescue Pilots represents the epitome of marrying one’s passions with an aspiration to help others.


Julian resides in Los Angeles, where he shares his heart and home with his two rescue pups Shadow and Bella.

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"A St. Bernard. I can be counted on to save the day, and I'm a musician like Beethoven, so there's some crossover."

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Pet Rescue Pilots is a 501(c)(3) network that helps with the immediate needs of pet relocation. We fly pets from overcrowded and kill shelters in California to rescue groups, foster homes, and adoptive families all across the west coast of the United States and Canada. 


In addition to our flight missions, PRP advocates for long-term solutions to reverse the increasing number of homeless pets by supporting responsible pet parenting as well as laws and legislation geared towards these issues. Chief Rescue Pilot Julian Javor actively participates in local government and speaking engagements regarding the steps we can all take to improve the lives of pets everywhere.


All of these efforts are fueled by your support. Every dollar raised goes towards reaching our ultimate destination: a world where every pet has a loving forever home.