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Los Angeles Based 501c3 Pet Rescue Pilots

going the distance to help pets in need.



September 10th, 2020 – Los Angeles: For most of us the idea of flying more than twenty shelter pets from Southern California to Oregon seems like an extraordinary and unthinkable task. But for Julian Javor – Founder and Chief Rescue Pilot – of Pet Rescue Pilots, it’s all part of a day’s work. 


And that day will be this coming Saturday, September 12th as Pet Rescue Pilots embarks on its 71st Rescue mission; flying homeless dogs over 850 miles from Fresno to Hillsboro, Oregon. The pets are in urgent need of rescue as shelters in the CA Central Valley are overcrowded with an impending influx of homeless animals due to the wildfires. All of these pets face slim chances of finding adopters where they currently are located and moreover, there are two dogs on this flight in dire of need of medical care. 


Luckily, all of these pets will be landing in the loving arms of foster families upon arrival, but time is of the essence -- and that’s where Pet Rescue Pilots (PRP) comes in. 


The LA-based non-profit organization coordinates with rescue groups to fly homeless pets over great distances, where they have better chances at finding a forever home. For this rescue mission, PRP is working with rescue organizations Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals (OFOSA) and RSQ209.  “It’s a group effort,” says Javor. “When we became aware of the situation [the number of pets left homeless due to fire displacement], we knew it was time to to be proactive in these relocations rather than reactive. I might be flying the plane, but it takes the full rescue network including rescue workers, foster families and ground volunteers to make the mission a success and give our passengers their second chance.”


For this flight, passengers will include Meimei: a young black lab mix who was picked up as a puppy in Taiwan where her injuries showed some trauma to her head. Her jaw injury healed incorrectly so she has a slight deformity. Due to the deformity on her face as well as the fact that she is a black dog, a fact that notoriously makes dogs less appealing to adopters. she was virtually unadaptable. “RSQ209 imported her for rescue,” explains Javor, “and OFOSA is going to pay for her medical procedures to see if they can’t fix her up and give her a better quality of life, because right now she can hardly open her jaw.”


A chihuahua-dachshund mix (chi-weenie), Mochi, will also be hopping on board the PRP express. “Mochi’s owners couldn’t afford the procedures necessary to fix a broken femur and cherry eye. They are handing her over to RSQ209 to get the care she needs,” says Javor. “After all she has been through, flying will help get her treated and re-homed more quickly and with less stress.”


Rescue by air is not only a far more efficient means of saving pets – in this instance 4 hours of flying vs. 18 hours of driving – it’s easier and less stressful for everyone. In addition, our costs are covered fully by donations as opposed to what can often be costly ground transportation options. The rescues win, Pet Rescue Pilots gets to further its mission but most importantly it’s a big win for the pets.


And not only the dogs on this particular trip win. By moving these dogs out of RSQ209’s facility, it frees up space for more pets to be pulled from the Bakersfield, Madera, and Fresno shelters in anticipation for an influx of pets coming in from all the fires happening at the moment.




Pet Rescue Pilots is a non-profit network that helps with the immediate needs of pet relocation…by air! PRP transports pets from the overcrowded city and county shelters of California and lands them in the loving arms of rescue groups, foster families, and forever homes across the west coast of the United States and Canada. Rescue by air allows for more pets to be saved, over greater distances in less time. As of 2020, Pet Rescue Pilots Founder and Chief Pet Rescue Pilot has flown over 85,000 miles and relocated over 850 pets (including 1 goat)!

-This will be Julian Javor’s 7th rescue mission to Hillsboro, Oregon specifically. 

-Mission is 1,700 miles, and 8 hours round trip by air

-Flying from Fresno, CA area to Bend, OR and then on to Hillsboro / Portland area for the final drop.

-PRP will land at Aero Air FBO at the Hillsboro Airport KHIO: 2050 NE 25th Ave, Hillsboro, OR 97124

-Saturday, September 12th  

-ETA: Approx. – 3:00pm 
(if need help with directions at airport, contact Julian Javor at +1 (310) 962-9624) 

Pet Rescue Pilots soars on the wings of generosity. Donations can be made at


For press inquiries, please contact Mary Cash:


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