Los Angeles Based 501c3 Pet Rescue Pilots

500th Rescue Gets Adopted.

And That’s No Bull!



April 14th, 2020 – Los Angeles: We all could use some good news these days, and Pet Rescue Pilots’ comes in the form of an adorable English Bulldog named Charlie.


Charlie – a foster dog whose parents could no longer care for him – is PRP’s 500th passenger who recently landed for good in his forever home thanks to the hard work and help from Northwest Dog Project, a rescue group within the Pet Rescue Pilots rescue network based in Eugene, Oregon.


“We started Pet Rescue Pilots with a fairly straightforward objective: do whatever we can to help get as many pets as possible out of California shelters and into forever homes,” explains PRP Founder and Chief Rescue Pilot Julian Javor. “It’s always a wonderful feeling when one of ‘our’ pets gets adopted. Since Charlie was our milestone 500th passenger, this is extra special…to go along with his extra slobber!”


Charlie is not unlike most of the pets that PRP rescues. In fact, over 60% of the pets Pet Rescue Pilots transports out of shelters find homes within a month of their rescue flight, and the organization stays actively involved in the lives of every pet they fly. “I’m a pet lover at my core,” says Javor, “so for me it’s more than a pick-up and drop-off. We make a point to document the history of each ‘passenger’ and we stay in touch with the partners in our rescue network to follow up on the status of every dog and cat we fly.”  


These days, Charlie is living the good life spending time with his human mom, Roma, and human sister, Ieva, in Edmonds, Washington. “Charlie is a character who just wants to be around his people,” beams Ieva. “He sits at our feet while we’re working, supervises while we do chores around the house, and ­–believe it or not– is an active participant in our family yoga sessions! He makes the cutest noises and he’s really all about cuddles, food, and naps.”


A dog after our own hearts; good boy Charlie!



Pet Rescue Pilots is a non-profit network that helps with the immediate needs of pet relocation…by air! PRP transports pets from the overcrowded city and county shelters of California and lands them in the loving arms of rescue groups, foster families, and forever homes across the west coast of the United States and Canada. Rescue by air allows for more pets to be saved, over

greater distances in less time. As of March, 2020, Pet Rescue Pilots Founder and Chief Pet Rescue Pilot has flown over

67,000 miles and rescued over 500 pets.

Northwest Dog Project rescues, re-homes and enhances the lives of neglected, abused and homeless dogs, while advocating responsible pet ownership. www.northwestdogproject.org


Pet Rescue Pilots soars on the wings of generosity. Donations can be made at petrescuepilots.org.


For press inquiries, please contact Denise Mange: denise@petrescuepilots.org